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Gubisch raspatories 20cm
Gorney raspatories 20cm
Mercedes liposuction cannula
Gubisch Osteotome
Cinelli Osteotome 16 cm

Quales Med offers a wide range of surgical instruments. The surgical instrument is made of German stainless steel and made of titanium. We offer only high-quality surgical instruments. In our online store you can find a surgical instrument for plastic surgery, for ENT surgery, instruments for rhinoplasty and mammoplasty, general surgical instruments, cannulas for liposuction and lipofilling, orthopedic tools. In addition to the tool presented on the site, you can order almost any tool. Contact us by e-mail or phone and let us know the parameters of the surgical instrument of interest to you.

The surgical instrument presented on the site is manufactured according to international quality standards and has ISO, CE, FDA. The tool is highly resistant to corrosion. The entire range is guaranteed against rust and factory defects. The warranty period for the entire instrument is 1 year.

In addition to the standard surgical instrument, you will find a tool with carbide inserts, retractors with lightguides, a titanium surgical instrument, a microsurgical instrument, as well as sets of surgical instruments.

At your request we can form a set of surgical instruments for any area of ​​surgery. In the microsurgical tool section, you can find kits for microsurgery of stainless steel and titanium.

The main priority of Quales Med is the quality of the goods offered. The surgical instrument is made in Pakistan and is not inferior in quality to the European or American counterparts. At the same time, the price is much lower.

The tool for plastic surgery.

We have a wide range of surgical instruments for plastic surgery. Here you can find almost any tool used in plastic surgery. Tools for mammoplasty and instruments for rhinoplasty, retractors with lightguides and much more. In instruments for plastic surgery, priority is given to quality without any compromises.

Click and drag The plastic surgery tool we offer meets the strictest quality criteria. This tool for plastic surgery is made exclusively from high-quality German steel.

Special treatment gives the surgical instrument an anti-glare property that is extremely convenient in brightly lit operating lamps. Carbide inserts made in Germany and Great Britain are used in the manufacture of surgical tools with carbide inserts made of tungsten carbide.

Our company offers a wide selection of cannulas for liposuction and lipofilling. Cannulas for liposuction are presented in two kinds of one-piece cannula for liposuction with a handle for connection to suction. And a cannula with a standard Luer Lock connector for working with a syringe. A large selection of types and sizes of cannula ensures that you will find what you need exactly. All cannulas are made from capillary tubes that have been polished during the manufacturing process and have a very low roughness coefficient. In addition, in order to rule out the possibility of clogging the tube with fat during operation, the liposuction cannula and lipofilling cannula are treated with a special biopolymer that reduces the coefficient of friction multiple times. Thanks to all this, the cannulas for liposuction slip easily when working and are not clogged with fat, which is especially true for cannula for small-diameter lipofilling.

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